Kangaroo Leather
All of our products are made predominately from Kangaroo Leather.
So what's the big deal with Kangaroo Leather?
  • 10 x stronger than leather from cows
  • 30 x stronger than goat and sheep leathers
  • More environmentally friendly - no farming
  • Lightweight and thin
Vegetable Tanned
All of the leather we use is Vegetable tanned. That doesn’t mean having a sunbake with some vegetables, although this futureman looks like they are enjoying themselves!
There are two major ways which leather tanneries make leather. The most common and cheaper method is chrome tanning. This involves a cocktail of chemicals which quickly and efficiently tans the leather. It however has some toxic side effects.
Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins to finish the leather this is a much slower process however much more sustainable. The leather also has a much more natural feel. This is also why our leather wears in so nicely. There is nothing better than a good patina on a vegetable tanned leather! The following images show how the brown kangaroo leather wears in as it ages. From a firm, matte and somewhat stiff light brown to a darker colour with a much softer hand feel.